About Me


I’m a synthetic organic chemist by profession and training. I’ve worked across many parts of the drug development/discovery spectrum from micrograms up to hundreds of kilograms. This blog is, in part, a way to breathe life into some aspects of my career, i.e. thinking/writing about chemistry and other things in a way I wouldn’t normally do day-to-day, and perhaps even to hone those skills and channel them in a different direction.

Tragically, I can’t limit myself to one subject. Cut me in half and running through me like a stick of seaside rock will be the words “Scientist” and “Enthusiast”. I’m a scientist who does chemistry more than I am simply “a chemist”. My inclination and passion is to investigate and understand. Which gets me into more trouble than you might imagine. So expect the odd bit of general science too.

Since my work has occasionally put me at the interface between medicine and basic science, I’ve developed an interest in the politics of it all. How science gets used and communicated. Nowhere is this more immediate and personal than in mental health. In 2008 I was (rather belatedly it seems) diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder II, so as you can imagine this all got rather important rather fast. So definitely expect posts about mental health and related issues too.

I’ve been around the fringes of the sceptical and atheist movement/community for a good few years on the internet and in real life. This will also come up in posts from time to time. As indeed will assorted matters of nerdism and geekery.

Aside from matters of science and rational inquiry are two life long passions: rugby union and comedy. And beer. Three life long passions. And music. Four…

…you get the drift.

Oh and I support the mighty Leicester Tigers, England, The Lions, The Barbarians, but most importantly of all, the sport of rugby union. So whilst I might accidentally get one eyed and a bit funny around the Six Nations, I genuinely don’t hate anyone. Even Northampton Rugby or the Welsh. I promise. There may be banter, but it’s not serious. Honest.

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