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  • A Fine Kind of Madness 2.

    Time to bore you all with personal drivel. Stability has, sort of, lasted. A fortnight of down has been pulled out of. Productivity has occurred. I might even manage my own ridiculously high standards one day. I stress that I am inordinately lucky, my idea of failure is not everyone’s, my experience of mental illness is not everyone’s. I’ve only lost about a decade of my life to reduced capacity (so far?), and my reduction was/is not what it is for everyone.

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  • A Fine Kind of Madness 1.

    Trigger Warning for frank discussion of mental health issues and suicidal thoughts.

    Where to begin? I’m sat here finishing off the last glass remaining in a bottle of ~39 year old calvados I splurged on 6 months ago. Calvados being one of my favourite things, and at the time I had the money to splurge a little. Not that I am impoverished now, but I would not do the same thing. Winning a work related prize (which I did in March) brings out the self indulgent in me! And yes, I realise I am supremely privileged, lucky, and undeservingly so. Such is the legacy of being born to hard working, loving, middle class parents in 20th century southern England. The blessings I had before I was even born do not go unappreciated, intellectually, politically or ethically. Enough further self indulgence. (Because blogging is not so self indulgent I have disappeared up my own backside. That’s right out. Put it out of your mind. The very idea.)

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  • Hello and Welcome.

    This is my first attempt at blogging, not my first attempt at writing. I hope to be interesting, entertaining and thought provoking. I might even aim for educational, but for the moment I’m aiming for achievable goals. Initially I will be aiming for a minimum of one post per week, probably by Sunday evening (UK time), other commitments permitting. The posts will be of varying levels of technicality with the chemistry posts likely being the most technical most often.

    There will be lots of changes over the next week or so, so bear with me.

    For my first trick, if anyone has a topic that’s relevant to the general themes of the blog they’d like me to cover, get your requests in now!