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    Dear fellow atheists, sceptics, and scientists. Yes, scientists, for the driveller who has caused me consternation today used the words “As scientists we have no choice but to accept reality.”, so presumably this person is a scientist. The sentiment expressed is one I whole heartedly agree with too, but it’s used in this context to shore up some misogynistic nonsense. Or “humour” as it will doubtlessly be dubbed by some. But more on that later.

    Part 1: Credit:

    Here’s the object under scrutiny. The web cache version was brought to my attention by Sam Cook (@sam_cook), and I noticed the object when it was mentioned in my Twitter time line by Tracy King (@tkingdoll), Suzi Gage (@soozaphone), Dean Burnett (@gawrboy), and Martin Robbins (@mjrobbins). I’d also like to give credit to Kylie Sturgess for collating the original tweets and linking them, and for writing a detailed, well referenced post far faster than I could have! Curse my new boy inexperience!

    My reply to the organisers.  (Including ironic misspelling of “de rigueur“, curse you autocorrect!)

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