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  • I Am (Still) Not Dead

    No one will read this so I am going to do a swear: Bottoms.

    There. Very mature.

    I’ve been up to my eyeballs being healthy and productive for 6 months or so. OU degree started. Work going well. Things toddling along. Blogging will commence forthwith. I say commence, not recommence, because I haven’t really started have I?

  • Cray-Cray

    Apologies for lack of blogging. Short version: I’ve been working too hard and I am changing careers, so things have been a little tough. Enough of that, on with today’s blahg.

    Today’s verbose rant is vomited forth for a simple reason: Someone Annoyed Me On The Internet. The topic: Remote mental health “diagnoses”. So with a little expansion and adaptation, I’ll repeat what I said to this person. Continue reading  Post ID 150

  • Apologies to all…I mean both…of you.

    Sorry I’ve not posted anything for ~ a fortnight. I’ve been a bad monkey by working too hard and not managing my time properly to allow for blogification. I’ve been monitoring a few issues to talk about and working on my first proper post (a chemistry one) and my second proper post (a mental health one). Expect those at least in the coming week (ETA 16/10/2013: and by week I clearly mean decade.).