I am trying to write at various levels of research and seriousness. I want to make explicitly clear just what I mean when I label a post with a particular “Level”. This will keep me honest, never a bad thing, and hopefully communicate some of the effort and reliability of what I am writing. I’ll also thoroughly reference the serious things I write. I am always annoyed by the relative lack of references in technical blog writing. I realise it doubles the work load, but it’s worth it.

Level 0: Plucked from the brain. Opinions, vague hypotheses, ideas, thoughts, not necessarily rigorously researched, but by the same token not necessarily unresearched. Standard blog fodder. A couple of hours of work, maximum.

Level 1: A blog post on something specific, a news article, another blog post from elsewhere etc. This will link the original item and also a few items around the subject where possible. Anything from a couple of hours of work to a rough working day (10 to 16 hours) of research and effort.

Level 2: A blog post on something specific and technical. Original items linked and contextual items also linked/quoted. Some references. Anything from a rough working day of research and effort up to a working week (60 to 80 hours) of research and effort.

Level 3: A proper technical blog post on something I am qualified to discuss professionally. Detailed references, extensive quotes. Anything from a working week to a few months of research and effort. This is something I would expect I could submit as a small review article or serious paper.

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