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  • A Fine Kind of Madness 1.

    Trigger Warning for frank discussion of mental health issues and suicidal thoughts.

    Where to begin? I’m sat here finishing off the last glass remaining in a bottle of ~39 year old calvados I splurged on 6 months ago. Calvados being one of my favourite things, and at the time I had the money to splurge a little. Not that I am impoverished now, but I would not do the same thing. Winning a work related prize (which I did in March) brings out the self indulgent in me! And yes, I realise I am supremely privileged, lucky, and undeservingly so. Such is the legacy of being born to hard working, loving, middle class parents in 20th century southern England. The blessings I had before I was even born do not go unappreciated, intellectually, politically or ethically. Enough further self indulgence. (Because blogging is not so self indulgent I have disappeared up my own backside. That’s right out. Put it out of your mind. The very idea.)

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